work in progress

The Peach Museum is proposed as the first cultural, scientific and technological center applied to the field of museum display for the most important stone fruit species, peach in particular. In addition to being one of the main fruit tree species in modern agriculture, peach has been appreciated since ancient times for the delicate colors and scents of its fruit and the beauty of its blossom, as widely testified  by artworks and writings representing the cultural and scientific heritage associated with this plant. Beyond its important economic value for many fruit growing districts, peach is unique among fruit species for its symbolic significance and many questions are still open regarding its origin and history: which are the genetic ‘paths’ that have allowed this species to evolve up to the current cultivated forms ? Can its wild ancestors be identified, as was done for other fruit species? How, in the face of a relatively limited genetic variability, was it possible to obtain varieties covering a geographical extension that spans from the subtropics to Canada, with a ripening calendar that covers almost six months?